The Three Core Principles of Independent Mercia
Organic Democracy
Bottom-up democracy, in which everyone can participate.
Co-operative Community
Working together for the good of all.
Ecological Balance
Living in harmony with natural surroundings.

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three principles of democracy

(Image design Colin Bex; (c) Independent Mercia)

Where is Mercia?

Mercia is central England (the greater Midlands region), bounded by the Rivers Thames and Avon to the south, Wales to the west, the Mersey and Humber to the north and the Fens and the River Lea to the east. Map of Mercia.

What is Independent Mercia?

Mercia is a lawfully self-governing region of England, which was independent for over 500 years before it was destroyed by the Norman Conquest. We are aiming to re-establish its independence.

Where can I learn more?

Read The Constitution of Mercia.

Join our  Independent Mercia Facebook Group.

Buy a copy of our 128-page book, The Mercia Manifesto: A blueprint for the future inspired by the past.

Learn more about The Acting Witan.

How can I get involved?

Register As A Citizen Of Mercia.

Attend the next campaign co-ordinating meeting of the Acting Witan (which is open to all registered citizens of Mercia).

The next meeting will be online on Saturday 12 June 2021 from 1 to 5 p.m. If you are a registered citizen and wish to attend, please email witan@mail.com to obtain the link.  We look forward to seeing you.